What We Believe

Church of the Savior exists for the purpose of changing the world with Jesus Christ, one life at a time, beginning in Ambridge.

Church of the Savior Values:
  • We follow Jesus in community, in Ambridge, of Ambridge and for Ambridge.
  • We offer worship to the Living God that glorifies Him and changes us.
  • We preach and teach the whole Word of God from the Holy Scriptures.
  • We listen for the Holy Spirit, in order to receive and use His gifts.
  • We care for one another out of the Father’s love.
  • All of us, clergy and lay people alike, are ministers of the Good News of Jesus.
  • We seek to expand the Kingdom of God by sharing the Good News of Jesus, beginning in Ambridge and to the ends of the earth.

 worship with overhead musicopen Bible with warm light