General Information

Here are some helpful things to know when visiting Church of the Savior:


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Please come and visit
Whatever your needs may be, come hang out with people who love God and love you!

Dress comfortably
Worshiping God is the #1 priority. COTS members wear anything from coats and ties and dresses to                                                           
jeans and shorts. Dress in clothes that make you feel comfortable.

Keep your money
We greatly appreciate your presence at Church of the Savior. When you visit the first time, the only                                                             offering we ask for is a simple card with your prayer reqeusts and (if you are comfortable giving it)                                                              your contact information.



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We love kids
Church of the Savior offers a nursery for children from birth through pre-school. There is also a                                                                   Sunday school program for children from pre-school through Grade 9. (Sunday school does not                                                                   meet during the summer months.) We offer intergenerational worship various Sundays                                                                               throughout the year. The nursery is open every Sunday.



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The worship service is easy to follow

We begin our worship with songs of praise followed by a prayer, readings from the Bible, a                                                                     sermon and the celebration of the Lord's Supper. The service is projected on a screen that                                                                  makes it very easy to follow. The service is on Sunday at 10:00AM.

Holy Communion
If you are a baptized follower of Jesus, you and your baptized children are welcome to receive                                                           Communion. If you are not baptized you are encouraged to come forward to receive a                                                                                blessing, which you may indicate by crossing your hands over your heart. More personal prayer                                                                   for specific needs is also offered at this time at the back of the sanctuary.



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There is a parking lot in the back of the church building and plenty of additional                                                                                          free parking on the surrounding streets.