K-Groups (aka small groups, Bible studies, community groups)

Our community Bible study groups meet on a weekly basis to study the Scripture, pray with each other, and share life! Let us know of your interest, and we’ll be delighted to help you find a group to connect with.

Kyrie Cafe Lunch

On the final Sunday of every month at noon, Church of the Savior members provide a free meal for members of the community in the basement Fellowship Hall or in the parking lot behind the church as we comply with COVID safety protocol. “Kyrie Cafe” means “the Lord’s Cafe;” the name is expressive of God’s desire that we would have not just physical sustenance but be gathered together into a community of people encountering him together. As we gather we share stories of what God has done from Scripture or from our own lives, we pray together, we celebrate birthdays with singing and gifts, and, of course, we eat together!

Signs of Grace Deaf Ministry

Church of the Savior offers a monthly Bible study for members of the Deaf Community. Members view a video and then conduct discussion with an interpreter for those who are hearing. Like other activities at COTS each meeting concludes by eating a meal together. Meetings typically take place the second Sunday afternoon of each month. COTS also offers interpreted Sunday morning worship on an occasional basis.

More Information

For more information on these and other COTS activities, you may contact us here.