The Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the Word of God, given to us for our instruction in God’s ways (1 Corinthians 10:11); we are called to read, learn, study, and meditate on them to become fully developed followers of Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us on that journey, using some or all of the resources below.

Sunday October 2, 2022 – The Seventeenth Sunday After Pentecost

Prayer for the Day and Scripture Readings for Sunday October 2, 2022

Keep, O Lord, your household the Church in continual godliness, that through your protection it may be free from all adversities, and devoutly serve you in good works, to the glory of your Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.  Amen.

Readings for October 2: 2 Timothy 2:14-19; Psalm 37:1-20; Luke 17:1-10

  1. Paul exhorts Timothy to present himself to God as approved (v. 15) – the word conveys the sense “after testing.”  How have you experienced God’s approval, after testing, in your own life?
  2. What do you think Paul may mean by the term “irreverent babble” (v. 16)?  Can you think of some examples from our own cultural context?
  3. Besides the fact that it is untrue, in what way would believing that the general resurrection has already happened be harmful to discipleship to Jesus? (v. 18)
  4. What is the encouragement and the challenge of the two quotations from the Old Testament taken together? (v. 19)

The Jesus100 Readings for this week are:

The Need for a Savior

A Rebellious People: Exodus 32:1-33:6

No One Does Good: Psalm 14

The Jesus 100 reading plan provides references to 100 Scripture passages that offer insights into Jesus’ nature and identity, his ministry and teaching, and most significantly the saving work of his death on the Cross for our sins and his Resurrection to restore us to life and fellowship with God. We offer this plan as a resource over the course of a year, with 2 passages each week.

60 Days of PsalmsA guide to praying through the entire Book of Psalms in two months.